Collagen in all its forms

Le collagène dans tous ses états - Scientific Day in honour of David Hulmes

David Hulmes spent his whole career studying the biological and structural aspects of collagens. He contributed to describe the complex structures made by collagens and to decipher the major steps of collagen assembly, at the intracellular and extracellular levels. His work finds connections throughout the whole extracellular matrix and has far-reaching implications for the understanding of a large diversity of diseases in which collagens and their partners play a major role.

The opportunity of David’s official retirement from the CNRS is taken to invite you to celebrate his outstanding contribution to collagen research and to show how it has inspired several generations of researchers.

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  • Le 9 novembre 2017

    Conference Room de l'Institut Français de l’Education, ENS Lyon, 19 Allée de Fontenay, 69007 Lyon